Building upon the work already done by 3GPP in creating the SIP-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). TISPAN
and 3GPP are now working together to define a harmonized IMS-centric core for both wireless and wireline

This harmonized ALL IP network has the potential to provide a completely new telecom business model for both
fixed and mobile network operators. Access independent IMS will be a key enabler for fixed/mobile convergence,
reducing network installation and maintenance costs, and allowing new services to be rapidly developed and
deployed to satisfy new market demands.

NGN Release 1 was launched by TISPAN in December 2005. providing the robust and open standards that
industry can use as a reliable basis for the development and implementation of the first generation of NGN

TISPAN is now working on Release 2. with a focus on enhanced mobility, new services and content delivery with
improved security and network management.

TISPAN considers effective cooperation with external bodies as essential to the coordination of the global message
and further globalization of the TISPAN NGN product.
So the time to influence the standardization of the Next Generation Network is NOW!

TISPAN is the ETSI core competence centre for fixed networks and for migration from switched circuit networks to
packet-based networks with an architecture that can serve in both to create the Next Generation NetWork.

TISPAN is structured as a single Technical Committee, with eight Working Groups to deliver specifications back up
to the TISPAN Plenary meetings (every three months).